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Complaint is an application when claimant claims the protection of his rights and legally protected interests, which were endangered by the organisation activity and/or acting of its management and employees (§ 3 letter b) of the Act no. 152/1998 Coll. on Complaints).
Technická inšpekcia, a.s. have implemented procedures for registration and system settlement of complaints. Complaints concerning all activities shall be submitted to Central Office of Technická inšpekcia, a.s. and Regional Offices with local regional competence. 

Procedures for dealing with appeals and other applications

Applications containing appeal against inspection activity and /or results and which do not satisfy conditions to be considered as complaint are considered as appeals. (this definition is not identical with term appeal is defined in Act no. 71/1967 Coll. on Administrative Procedure). Appeal application procedure is given in article 2 section 1, 2 and 3 of the internal Guideline for settlement of complaints. Anonymous appeals are not accepted.

Appeals settlement is under competence of technical manager and shall by settled with unreasonable delay:

  1. directly in simple and apparent cases
  2. by calling of expert group
  3. by investigation on site.

Members of expert group are appointed by technical manager. Obviously the member shall be Head Inspector and/or expert guarantee, quality manager and representative of regional office concerned. Decision on investigation on site shall be issued in written form with identification of persons, procedures, terms and liabilities.
Other applications are applications against inspector’s activity performance. Complaints, other applications and appeals concerning inspector’s activity are the point of meeting agenda where management of Technická inšpekcia, a.s. evaluate quality system efficiency (examination of quality system by management).

Keeping of complaints and appeals

Keeping of all complaints and appeals as well as activities performed by Technická inšpekcia, a.s. is given in internal Guideline for Registry and internal Guideline for Settlement of Complaints.