Inspection activity according to the Act no. 124/2006 Coll.

(§ 11 of the Public Notice no. 508/2009 Coll.)

Technická inšpekcia, a.s. manages performance and evaluates results of official tests of classified technical equipment of “A” group (Annex no. 1 of the Public Notice no. 508/2009 Coll.)

  1. Official test is verification whether equipment comply with construction documentation and if they safe and reliable during operation.
  2. Official test shall be performed based on application:.

Application have contain:

  1. name, address and identification number of applicant,
  2. name of equipment and  its basic technical parameters,
  3. date of test performance,
  4. location of equipment (place of test),
  5. information on construction documentation assessment (ref. number of expert standpoint, resp. certificate on construction documentation),
  6. information if applicant already applied at other body respectively other regional office of Technická inšpekcia, a.s.
  1. Applicant shall submit before test:
  1. construction documentation submitted to Technická inšpekcia, a.s. for evaluation and document of Technická inšpekcia, a.s. on result of such evaluation,
  2. report of expert check-up and expert test of electrical equipment (electrical input to main switch of equipment) in case of equipment with electrical supply,
  3. record on assembly tests and report on expert check-up and expert test of electrical equipment,
  4. testing engineer of manufacturer or expert engineer for performance of expert check-ups and expert test of respective classified technical equipment facilitated with proper apparatuses and instruments also in case if measurements had been performed before the test,
  5. other personnel necessary for performance of prescribed tests,
  6. competent operation personnel,
  7. other conditions shall be agreed personally resp. by telephone with inspector dealing with application.

After successful performance of test, Technická inšpekcia, a.s. shall evaluate the test and issue certificate on test, the result shall certify in accompanying documentation and mark tested equipment.