Inspection activity according to the Act no. 124/2006 Coll.

Documentation for building permission, building conversion before finishing, for change in use of construction we evaluate according to your application following to § 18 section 5 of the Act no. 124/2006 Coll. on safety and health protection at work as amended.

Act moreover laying down the duty to legal and natural persons who are initiators of construction to submit to Technická inšpekcia, a. s. – authorised legal person the project documentation for assessment.
We are taking care to settle your requirement as soon as possible. To fasten the settlement of your requirement we need the to afford possibilities.

What is our proposal?

  1. You have to identify, which regional office of Technická inšpekcia, a.s. is authorised to evaluate your documentation in relation to location of construction:
  • Regional Office TI Bratislava (TIBA) – evaluates location of construction in Bratislava region
  • Regional Office TI Nitra (TINA) – evaluates location of construction in Nitra, Trnava and Trenčín region
  • Regional Office TI Banská Bystrica (TIBB) – evaluates location of construction in Banská Bystrica and Žilina region
  • Regional Office TI Košice (TIKO) – evaluates location of construction in Košice and Prešov region
  • If application is sent to other regional office we ensure delivery to respective regional office competent to evaluate documentation. Take into account that this is time consuming.
  1. Please submit in your application following information:
  • information on applicant – company name and/or the name and surname of applicant,
  • correct address,
  • contacts of applicant: telephone, fax, e-mail, contact person to be consulted
  • Company registration number (for legal entity) or personal identification number of natural person (without slash)
  • Tax identification number
  • the name of documentation and location of construction
  1. The minimum of documentation to be submitted:
    1. Accompanying report with basic data on construction.
    2. Complex report with aim to identify following information as minimum:
      1. proposed urban, architecture and technical design of construction, construction parts, use of adequate construction products,
      2. fire and safety solution,
      3. demands on energies, transportation (including parking), solution of inlet connection of construction on existing engineering communications and service        pipelines and waste water disposal system,
      4. information on existing areas of protection, overhead and sublevel objects including engineering communications,
      5. for constructions with operational, production and technical equipment the information on this equipment, conception of storage, solution of internal         transportation and areas for operation, maintenance and repairs, respectively requirements for performance of testing operation after finishing of construction,
      6. organisation of construction site and safety measures in case of construction works under the extraordinary conditions,
      7. fulfilment of requirements for health protection and environment protection according to particular legislation.
    3. General construction situation (development plan) in scale 1 : 200 till 1 : 500 with marking of field limits, exiting buildings on these fields, sublevel engineering communications and proposal of services for engineering communications, layout drawing or necessary geometrical proportions marked in development plan of simple or small construction, and/or other drawings according to character and complexity of construction.
    4. Construction drawings of ground and engineering objects, from which can be identified existing and proposed situation, and mainly ground plans, sectional drawings, views (in scale at minimum 1 : 100) also containing all types of building constructions and their parts (for example: foundations, staircases, chimneys, roof constructions) positional and height arrangement of construction and all premises with accurate marking of further function, schematic marking of internal distributions and installations (sanitary, including fire water lines, high power, gas, hot water etc), technical equipment (boiler rooms, lifts etc.), solutions defined for particular ensurance of construction from the viewpoint of civil defence and fire safety. For constructions with operational, production and technical equipment construction drawings shall include space location of machinery and equipment and also the solution of internal transportation communications).
    5. Information on security of construction site during construction (for example sewage disposal plant) if such information is not given in general technical report.

Our offer

The output document of our activity is Expert standpoint for construction documentation forbuilding permission, building conversion before finishing, for change in use of construction.
You can consult all issues with our competent employees.

We want to communicate with you!

  • In case of missing important part for evaluation of safety and health protection at work including the safety of technical equipment, we will contact you by telephone or by letter to complete your documentation.
  • In case that all above mentioned conditions are fulfilled we are able to evaluate documentation in reasonable time (the period of 30 days after application acceptance is understood as maximal, we do effort to evaluate as soon as possible).
  • If documentation contain sufficient detailed information on gas and electrical equipment, we are also (based on your agreement) able to certify the construction documentation of classified gas and electrical equipment.
  • We will pay attention on further important issues which are follows from legislation. This means, that will pay your attention on duties of manufacturer, importer, representative or distributor to comply with requirements of the Act no. 56/2018 Coll. on technical requirements for products and on conformity assessment as amended. In case of your interest we are able to discuss with you possibilities of further procedure. We can also inform you on your possibilities how to comply the requirements for machinery, technical equipment and working instruments to be put into operation.