Safety components and subsystems for cableway instalations designed to carry persons


From 21st April 2018 shall apply directly effective Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No. 2016/424 on cableway installations and repealing Directive 2000/9 /EC.

This Regulation applies to new cableway installations designed to transport persons, to modifications of cableway installations requiring a new authorisation, and to subsystems and safety components for cableway installations.

This Directive does not apply to the following:

  • lifts covered by Directive 2014/33/EU;
  • cableway installations that are categorised by Member States as historic, cultural or heritage installations, that entered into service before 1 January 1986 and that are still in operation, and that have not had any significant changes in design or construction, including subsystems and safety components specifically designed for them;
  • installations intended for agricultural or forestry purposes;
  • cableway installations for the service of mountain shelters and huts intended only for the transport of goods and specifically designated persons;
  • on-site or mobile equipment exclusively designed for leisure and amusement purposes and not as a means for transporting persons;
  • mining installations or other industrial on-site installations used for industrial activities;
  • installations in which the users or their carriers are waterborne.

Conformity assessment of safety components and subsystems for cableway installations designed to carry persons according to the Regulation 2016/424 relating to cableway installations is carried out in the following range:

  • EU - type examination - Production type according to the Annex III (module B)
  • Conformity to type based on production quality assurance according to the Annex IV (module D)
  • Conformity to type based on product verification according to the Annex V (module F)
  • Conformity based on unit verification according to the Annex VI (module G)
  • Conformity based on full quality assurance plus design examination according to the Annex VII (module H1)

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